Huge selection of individual or trio of delicious home-made desserts for all taste buds beautifully presented.  


Prices are per head

£4.65 each Selection

  • Trio of Chocolate Delice

    Layers of white, milk & dark chocolate creams, chocolate sponge base glazed with chocolate miroir

  • Lemon Posset

    Smooth and creamy set Amalfi lemon dessert, lavender shortbread

  • Harvest Cake (gf, vgn)

    Spiced apple, pineapple, parsnip, sultana & carrot sponge, lime frosting, chopped pistachio and caramel sauce

  • Toffee Apple Cheesecake

    Vanilla & apple cream cheese, caramel covered biscuit crumb Bramley apple & caramel topping

  • Baked American Style Rhubarb & Custard Cheesecake

    Baked vanilla cheesecake infused with rhubarb compote, vanilla custard topping

  • Alabama Fudge Cake (gf, V)

    Chocolate sponge, filled, topped and side coated with a rich mouth-watering chocolate fudge.

  • Superfoods Flapjack (gf, vgn, V)

    Chopped dates, apricots, sultanas, goji berries, pecans, pumpkin seeds and vegan chocolate chips

  • Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake (V)

    Dark chocolate and orange truffle, chocolate sponge base, orange marmalade centre

  • British Blackcurrant & Prosecco Cheesecake (gf, V)

    Crunchy biscuit base, vanilla baked cheesecake, blackcurrants in prosecco sauce


  • Salted Caramel & Chocolate Torte

    Smooth chocolate mousse, salted caramel centre, chocolate glaze topped with chewy fudge brownie

  • Mint Chocolate Torte

    Mint chocolate cream, chocolate sponge, dark chocolate ganache centre, brittle dark chocolate plaque top

  • Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake (gf, V)

    Crunchy demerara biscuit base, thick creamy baked American style cheesecake swirled with a thick real fruit blueberry puree

  • Tropical Fruit Kebab (gf, vgn, V)

    Pineapple, mango, passion fruit, Kiwi, melon

  • Eton Mess

    Whipped cream, crushed meringue, blueberries, raspberries

  • Gin, Orange & Cinnamon Ripple Mousse

    Cinnamon & orange cocktail mousse, sponge base, sparkling gin centre

  • Sticky Toffee & Hazelnut Cheesecake

    Hazelnut & caramel cheese cream, sticky toffee sponge centre, biscuit base, marbled caramel and hazelnut glaze

  • Yorkshire Fruit Salad (gf, vgn, V)

    A selection of seasonal fruits – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apple, peach grapes in natural fruit juice (pouring cream optional)

  • Passion Fruit & Raspberry Torte

    Passion fruit torte, raspberry mousse filling, fruit compote


  • Wee Doc & Doris

    Dark chocolate, coffee & whisky mousse, dark coffee shot centre, chocolate truffle garnish

  • Lemon & Raspberry Dome

    Lemon & raspberry mousse, lemon custard centre, white chocolate & raspberry glaze

  • Gin & Lime Cheesecake

    All butter biscuit base, lemon, lime & gin cheesecake, candied lime, chocolate decoration

  • Chocaholic Dome

    White chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache centre, dark chocolate glaze

  • Ginger & Orange Cheesecake

    Orange soaked gingerbread centre, spiced crumb base, orange cream cheese marbled glaze

Dessert Trio’s

  • Lemon Posset | Hazelnut Praline Fudge slice | Tiramisu Torte
  • Tropical Fruit Kebab | Chocolate Trio Mousse | Blackcurrant Frangipane Slice
  • Salted Caramel & Chocolate Torte | Lemon Posset | Forest Fruit Ripple Cheesecake
  • Banoffee Torte | Eton Mess Maple & Pecan Tart | Chantilly Cream
  • Strawberry & Pistachio Torte | Wee Doc & Doris | Chocaholic Dome
  • Belgian Chocolate Truffle Torte | Ginger & Orange Cheesecake | White Chocolate & Pistachio Dome

Dessert Trio’s can be created to your choice and will be priced accordingly


2023/2024 Price List

Crockery and cutlery, linen napkins and additional staff are available to hire. All bookings are subject to an additional travel charge of £15.00.

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